Foxconn Employees Get 20 Percent Pay Raise

The Wall Street Journal reports that Hon Hai Precision (trade name Foxconn) has decided to raise all wages by an average of 20 percent. Discussions have reportedly been going on for a while now and though the decision to raise wages come at a time when the company is under a huge amount of scrutiny for how it treats employees, the company says the decision was not influenced by the current suicide cluster plaguing the factory.

"It is not because of the suicides," spokesman Edmund Ding said. "The discussion has been going on for a long time."

Mr. Ding went on to say that the company has authorized managers in different provinces to determine how much the raise should be. "It would be an average 20 percent increase, which means some areas will be more than 20 percent," Mr. Ding said, failing to mention that some of those increases would equally have to be lower than 20 percent to arrive at that average.

Hon Hai has yet to specify a date for the increases but Ding says, "it should be very soon."

Recent undercover reports into how workers at Foxconn are treated revealed that employees must sign a voluntary affidavit to waive the 36-hour legal limit on monthly overtime hours. Employees are willing to sign because without overtime, they cannot make a decent wage.

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  • vancouverboy
    It's good for them to get a pay raise anyway, but don't be so ignorant converting Chinese salaries into USD to judge from "OUR" living standard in North America. They may earn now about 2000 RMB a month (not good, but not bad either), but their regular meal including an appetizer, main course and a drink also cost no more than 30 RMB in most local restaurants. And last year I visited in Beijing, a friend of mine brought me to local bars where local beers are about 5 RMB each bottle.

    Can you buy a beer for .75 cents night out in US? I doubt so.

    Foxconn has currently 900K+ factory workers, 12 suicides in 2010 are definitely unfortunate, but how about this percentage compared to the actual society? Do you guys know that in Japan, there are still 30,000+ suicides every year? Money might play a roll here but I personally think it's not the main issue.
  • theDARKW0LF
    Oh, it has everything to do with the suicides, I assure you.
  • proxy711
    +20% of almost nothing is still a small amount.
  • Other Comments
  • proxy711
    +20% of almost nothing is still a small amount.
  • Computerrock1
    Took em long enough, hopefully that i'll solve there problem...
  • theDARKW0LF
    Oh, it has everything to do with the suicides, I assure you.