IDF Fall 2008: Lucid Samples Graphics Parallelization Chips

Lucid said that it has begun shipments of Hydra reference designs, a technology that allows system vendors to integrate multiple graphics cards in a single computer. Called the Hydra 100-series, the SoC is now available for evaluation and can be integrated with PC motherboards, notebook motherboards and add-in cards.

Lucid said that Hydra can be built into a desktop or notebook motherboard that is connected to a standard PCIe port between the CPU subsystem and the multiple graphics add-in boards or MXM modules. An add-in board option connects to up to four GPUs by "any one vendor". A more exotic version is an external pod that can be connected to a laptop or docking station.

Lucid said that consumers who buy a Lucid enabled motherboard can choose which GPU brand to implement, and mix and match within that vendor, even mixing older cards with new ones "and still achieve linear multi-GPU performance enhancement for 3D gaming or other graphics applications."

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  • jaragon13
    So I could run an 8800 GTS 512,2600XT,and 7300GT all at once? How much does this cost? Probably out the ass
  • jaragon13
    Hell,if I could stick in those three graphics cards,I could roughly get just below 8800 GT SLI...and no micro-stutter? How's the micro-stutter?
  • ZootyGray
    Why not just buy a HD-4850?

    What am I missing here - is that for recycling old cards? Another green solution? And who's going to supply all these cards? And it says "vendors" can include this.

    This seems like maybe spintels idea of innovation thru partners. Too bad they have no grafx.

    I am missing something maybe, but this seems like esoteric futility.

    Clue me in? Makes no sense.