MOGA Bluetooth Controller for Android Arrives October 21

Yes, there are more than a handful of different smartphone gamepad controllers and accessories out there, but it's hard to deny that PowerA's MOGA Bluetooth Controller looks pretty darn good. With smartphones becoming more and more powerful and mobile gaming become more advanced, it certainly makes sense that accessory makers are rushing to create their own unique gamepad controllers.
But as entertaining as poking your phone can be, the only way to truly harness the gaming potential of smartphone or tablet devices is with the use of a proper controller. Touchscreens, gyroscopes and accelerometers are great, but nothing compares to a good old fashioned multi-button controller. That's where MOGA comes in. Snapping onto your smartphone, the controller connects via Bluetooth for an enhanced mobile gaming experience.

The only downside is that MOGA is only compatible with Android games that are made specifically for gamepads. The good news is PowerA has already worked out deals with major mobile game developers such as Gameloft, Namco, Sega, Atari and Remedy Entertainment. The controller is set to release October 21, with a price tag of $50.

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  • nvidiaguy07
    No thanks.

    Bought one of these a few months ago and i love it.

    I dont do any hardcore gaming on my phone, but right now im replaying my favorite rpg's from when i was younger. When im out, the on screen controller is good enough. When im home on the couch, pop this on and its great. And only 15 bucks (assuming you already have a ps3 controller - which IMO is probably way better and has more uses than this stupid thing)
  • samwelaye
    nvidiaguy07No thanks.Bought one of these a few months ago and i love it.

    Yup. And its made right here in the USA, right near Seattle. Ive been wanting to pick one up, but sadly I don't have one of the phones he makes that for :(
  • knowom
    Seems pointless when people can use either Wii or PS3 Bluetooth controllers all ready. The PS3 controller looks better and probably feels better anyway. In fact I think even the Xbox 360 controllers are usable on android.