First Phones with Intel Chips to Hit in 2011

Intel's Moorestown platform has long been talked about for MIDs and tablets, however, the company is hoping the CPU will also represent a successful foray into the smartphone market. Intel has talked about Moorestown for smartphones on mulitple occasions and although we can expect to see many Moorestown devices this year, it seems we won't see any smartphones packing the chip until 2011.

While speaking to about Moorestown-based tablets, Intel CTO Justin Rattner fingered the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas next January or the Mobile World Congress conference in February as 'windows of opportunity' for showing Moorestown phones.

Though it will likely be 2011 before Intel can put a cell phone into the hands of the consumer, ntel CEO Paul Otellini gave us a peek at an Intel smartphone at CES 2010. He didn't mention specifics about the device's release, but we do know the LG-manufactured GW990 features a 5-inch screen with 720p HD video playback, two cameras, 16GB of built-in flash memory, 512MB of RAM and Intel's Linux-based Moblin OS.

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  • mavroxur
    @Zanny - Have you never heard of power management?
  • JimmiG
    mavroxur@Zanny - Have you never heard of power management?

    In that case, neither have the companies mentioned. I love my HTC Desire, but he's right. It does get rather warm under high CPU load, and the battery life could be better. If you use it like a phone, it's fine. But if you use it like a laptop, the battery will last as long as that of a laptop.

    However with Intel's manufacturing technology, and everything integrated into one tiny chip, a charge might last a full day of heavy use, even with a 1 GHz Atom.
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  • zanny
    And suddenly the voices of hundreds of batteries cried out in pain.

    1 ghz arm in phones right now running at max frequency not only makes any droid, iphone, htc device a molten brick of hand scorching heat, but it will kill a battery in an hour or less. More powerful processors arn't really the answer right now, since the 1 ghz line isn't even sustainable for a realistic time period yet.
  • nforce4max
    Hmmm interesting so long prices drop and Apple stops screwing people so much then all is good.
  • mavroxur
    @Zanny - Have you never heard of power management?