CyberLink Bringing Glasses-Free 3D to PC

Last week during CES 2011, CyberLink Corp revealed its plans to enable glasses-free viewing of 3D Blue-ray movies on desktops and laptops via PowerDVD. Solutions using this new version of CyberLink's movie playback software includes 3DeeFlector with Spatial View, 215FS01 with CPT, and SeeFront's 3D Rig.

"The advancement of auto-stereo 3D technology creates compelling viewing experiences in 3D without glasses, enabling users to enjoy 3D movies with PowerDVD at an entirely new level," the company said during the show.

Although info regarding the 3DeeFlector was removed from Spatial View, prior descriptions indicated that it's an autostereoscopic overlay for LCD screens that provides 3D visuals without the need for pesky glasses. "The 3DeeFlector provides laptop manufacturers with a low cost and easy migration path to stereoscopic 3D," added Ihor Petelycky, GM of Core Technology and Applications at Spatial View.

SeeFront's solution seems a little different in that it adapts to the changing position of a user electronically without the use of moving parts. SeeFront's technology works with any display panel regardless of dot pitch, and even works with TFT screens used on PDAs, mobile phones and other handheld devices.

As for Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT), the company manufactures a 21.5-inch LCD (CLAA215FS01) sporting a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, 72-percent color saturation, a LVDS (Barrier 3D) interface and more. It's unclear whether the display will use solutions provided by Spatial View or SeeFront.

"We are witnessing the increasing demand of a vivid 3D experience without the obnoxious glasses," said Christoph M. Grossmann, Founder and CEO of SeeFront. "By cooperating with CyberLink, together we offer true 3D effect and freedom of movement in all directions, creating the ultimate 3D viewing experience."

CyberLink did not indicate when the new version of PowerDVD will be ready for general consumption, however it will likely be included with systems using the technologies provided by Spatial View, SeeFront and CPT.

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  • joytech22
    I noticed they started releasing PowerDVD in different versions every year, now you have to buy the newest to get the features, before they used to just update the same version alot.

    Hopefully they present us PowerDVD 10 users with updates instead of another version to upgrade to.
  • Burodsx
    I feel 3-D is still very over-rated at this point in time.
  • kcorp2003
    So you need a 120Hz monitor still right?
    Looking at Nintendo 3D screen doesn't need that.

    there needs to be a standard policies on what is 3D.

    however this is great news still, just one thing, we have to wait 3D content to catch up.