Blizzard Unveils 3 Custom Games for StarCraft 2

Tuesday Blizzard announced that StarCraft 2 owners can now beta test three Bizzard-made custom games created to play within its popular sci-fi RTS. These include a collection/cooking title called Aiur Chef, the puzzle/strategy game StarJeweled, and a cool survival and siege title called Left 2 Die.

As the three games are still in beta, Blizzard is offering StarCraft 2 owners a chance to test them out on In return the company is looking for feedback and bug reports before the games go official in the near future.

"To play the beta versions of Aiur Chef, StarJeweled, or Left 2 Die, simply go to the Multiplayer tab in StarCraft 2 and look for the custom games window," the company said. "A few of these games have more than one difficulty setting, so select the level of challenge that's best for you. We hope you enjoy them, and we're looking forward to hearing what you think."

Aiur Chief provides a Free For All multiplayer mode for up to eight participants. Each round features a theme ingredient and three recipes that play upon its unique flavor.

In StarJeweled, players must match groups of jewels according to color and strategically selecting StarCraft 2 units to overcome an opponent's forces and destroy their base. The game supports up to four players and offers Solo vs. A.I., Co-Op vs. A.I., and Player vs. Player modes.

As for Left 2 Die, the game is a cooperative take on the StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty campaign mission Outbreak that shifts between two phases: a night phase and a day phase. Left 2 Die supports up to two players and offers both Co-Op and Night 2 Die modes.

To find out more about each title, read Blizzard's blog here.

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  • Rahbot
    Wow user input finally goes for Starcraft2 where is LAN play. My family and I cant all play Starcraft2 on the net. It runs to slow to play one of us is always lagging out. Can't someone make a mod that allows LAN play. Wouldnt be great if you and 7 of your close friends could network and play vs each other. Oh and if you want to know what internet speed we got it run less than 512kbs try playing with 4 people at the same time on one game or play MWF2 or any other game over the net and you lag out, our ping rides about 250 or higher in servers unless one of is just playing by our selfs then we get about 100ping all the time. still not the fastest on the planet. and to think that im moving back to a small town in idaho an hour from 40mbs qwest internet. so were stuck on 1.5mbs up and down which is better but only my girl friend my son and myself will be using it not my mother, step dad, sister, other sister, my youngest brother, my girl friend, my son, and my self, Oh if you wanted to know how old I am im 26 with a 4year old son that playes better than my 2nd youngest sister she is 19. Im glad my girlfriend is got a job in idaho and plans to move me and the kids to idaho in our own place. I know this has pretty much no use in starcraft 2 but as you can see were a gaming family. 3 xbox360's 7 computers and my PS3 and 3 big screen tv's I just wish they would bring faster internet to my mother house so that we can play online once my small family moves.
  • computerlame
    These were available to play on the floor at the last Blizzcon. Good to see they are now available for those who didn't go.

    StarJeweled is most certainly a sign of just how ADD our society is becoming since it basically requires you to keep constant track of 2 games at once.
  • Vestin
    computerlameStarJeweled is most certainly a sign of just how ADD our society is becoming since it basically requires you to keep constant track of 2 games at once.

    I'm not sure you understand ADD - people with it have trouble focusing on ONE thing, let alone two... If someone is able to focus on multiple things at once, they don't have a DEFICIT of attention, they have a SURPLUS.