ATI FirePro M7740 Inside Dell Precision M6400

While most professional 3D work is done on desktops, there are times when it has to be taken on the road. For those times, AMD and Dell have equipped the Dell Precision M6400 workstation laptop with the ATI FirePro M7740 graphics accelerator.

With the FirePro M7740, the Precision M6400 supports Microsoft Direct X- or OpenGL-based applications and qualifies for over 90 certifications confirmed by application providers such as Autodesk and Dassault Systèmes.

"AMD knows that flawless execution and best-in-class performance is a priority for professionals who rely on workstations for their livelihood," said Janet Matsuda, senior director, AMD Professional Graphics. "The Dell Precision M6400 utilizes the ATI FirePro M7740’s powerful GPU and 1GB frame buffer, to help accelerate software applications and improve productivity, while giving professionals the assurance of superior reliability that comes with having certified drivers and professional-grade ATI FirePro hardware."

ATI FirePro M7740 3D accelerators are available this month with the Dell Precision M6400 workstations.

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  • silversurfernhs
    how many certs do normal gpus (ie 8800mgts or gtx295) pass? just curious if anyone knows...
  • apoq
    But can it play Crysis? Sorry, I had to do it :)
  • ca87
    Battery life anyone?