Tune In for Our Live Blogs from AMD APU13's Keynotes

We're live in San Jose at AMD's annual developer summit. Tune in here to get the latest live updates from the keynotes!

Keep checking back for constantly updating coverage:

Click here to read about the first keynote from Monday!

And here is Day 2's opening keynotes.

The second part of Day 2's keynotes here.

Here is the Day 3.

The final live blog of APU13 on here.

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  • manitoublack
    Who else thinks PS4 & XB1 pulled resources and are responsible for ongoing delays in the general release of the Kavari APU's?
  • silverblue
    A bit like the PowerVR Neon 250 delays on the PC in order to get the Dreamcast out back in the day... albeit far less severe.
  • rokit
    Tom stilll has not thread about http://developer.amd.com/tools-and-sdks/heterogeneous-computing/ when all other sites do. This is future.