Report: AMD's Volcanic Islands to be Called Radeon R-200

While earlier we heard that AMD would be shuffling the naming scheme for (some) of its Kabini APUs, it appears now that AMD might be doing the same thing for its upcoming Volcanic Islands graphics cards.

A report from VideoCardz, based on a GPU-Z validation from TechPowerUp, indicates that the Volcanic Islands series will be classified as the R-200 series graphics cards.

The idea is that there would be two parts to the name, a prefix after the R, as well as a three-digit identifier. For example, the R9-series would be the high-end graphics cards, the R8-series would be the high/mid-range graphics cards, R7-series as mid-range graphics cards, and so on. This prefix would remain through the upcoming generations as an identifier for what class the graphics card would be.

The second part of the name would be a three-digit identifier. For example, has predicted that the AMD Radeon HD 7970's successor, which we would previously have thought would have been called the Radeon HD 9970, might be called the AMD Radeon R9-285. The successor to that card would then be called the AMD Radeon R9-385. The table below contains a few more of the predictions:

Radeon HD 7000Radeon R-200Radeon R-300
AMD Radeon HD 7990          ->
AMD Radeon R9 290          ->AMD Radeon R9 390
AMD Radeon HD 7970          ->AMD Radeon R9 285          ->AMD Radeon R9 385
AMD Radeon HD 7950          ->AMD Radeon R9 280          ->AMD Radeon R9 380
AMD Radeon HD 7870          ->AMD Radeon R8 275          ->AMD Radeon R8 375
AMD Radeon HD 7850          ->AMD Radeon R8 270          ->AMD Radeon R8 370
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  • Yuka
    Oh, man... There goes my "it's over 9000" joke 8(


  • aggroboy
    They could just remove the R9/R8, since model numbers 270-390 seems self-explanatory.
  • rolli59
    Don't forget they both have gone through the 9xxx naming before.
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  • anort3
    Sure would be nice if both AMD and Nvidia would find a naming scheme they like and stick to it. It's getting confusing when they use each others past model names for new cards!
  • 016ive
    This sound reasonable as there are only two digits left to mark new series (8xxx-9xxx)
  • rolli59
    Don't forget they both have gone through the 9xxx naming before.