No More 8.9-inch Netbooks From Asus

If you’ve been eyeing that 8.9-inch Eee PC, it might be time to consider picking one up while they’re still around.

According to Digitimes, Asus will completely phase out its 8.9-inch netbooks by sometime later this year.

Asus Asia-Pacific president Benson Lin said that 10-inch models are becoming the “mainstream specification.” It’s unclear if that comment was made in reaction to sales statistics from 2008, or if it’s something determined by Asus’ marketing department.

At any rate, 10-inch models will account for 95 percent of Eee PC shipments with the remaining 5 percent being 7-inch models for telecom service operators.

While we do have an overwhelming preference for the 10-inch netbooks, (us being writers who really do appreciate that 92 percent sized keyboard), it’s hard to imagine there not being a more significant market for those who are willing to sacrifice typing comfort for a more portable form factor.

Tell us in the comments which netbook size you prefer and why.

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  • Master Exon
    That's a good start.
  • mforce2
    It won't be a problem. There are plenty manufacturers out there now who will probably continue making 9 inch models.
    Acer will probably continue making those netbooks of theirs that have been selling so well.
  • mdillenbeck
    I wonder if this will impact the T91, which is suppose to be an 8.9 inch netbook in a convertible tablet PC form factor.