Obama: I'm the President of the United States; I Don't Need to Borrow a Computer

The President of the United States of America has an iPad. He also has his own computer. I mean, he's the freakin' POTUS, so he should darned well better have his own computer, right?

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  • cknobman
    To bad this country has been ruined beyond repair by a partisan two party system that is corrupt and frequently sells out to the highest bidder (oh wait I meant to say lobbyist)
  • mobrocket
    Breaking News the 2nd most powerful man in the world uses a computer.
    Obama is probably a more laid back president then the past, but then again he isnt an old geezer like most
  • guruofchem
    TY cknobman!

    Doesn't matter which party a politician belongs to these days - they are all beholden to those whose money got them elected, and their "sponsors'" interests are the ones they look out for. We live in a plutokleptocracy - government by wealth and theft...
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  • icemunk
    He seems like a pretty fun guy, too bad he's shackled by the Republican (Regressive Party) held House of Representatives.
  • garyshome
    All this, March madness, a nice [Taxpayer Funded] Vacation in Rio while the world Burns.
  • rhino13
    He seems like a pretty fun guy too bad he's shackled by the bankrupt-the-US ideology (Democratic philosophy.)