BitFenix Fury PSUs Have Individually Sleeved Cables

BitFenix has finally introduced its Fury series of PSUs, which might not have the most revolutionary electronics, but are built with extra attention to detail with regard to aesthetics.

The PSUs are built by FSP and come with 80 Plus Gold certification. This will allow the units to run relatively efficiently, and given that they are built by FSP, they'll be pretty reliable as well. Cooling is provided by a 135 mm fan with a fluid dynamic bearing, so it'll also operate reasonably quietly.

As mentioned, the biggest highlight of the units is aesthetics. They come with BitFenix branding all over and have a big aluminum ring going around the fan area. The ring is also present on the other side, though it circles a large BitFenix logo there. The best aspect of the looks are the cables, though. These are all individually sleeved with a black mesh, which will make for some very, very neat-looking cable management.

There is one problem, though. Sleeved cables are expensive.  As such, the units are a little more expensive than competing PSUs, with the 750 W model carrying an MSRP of $169. There will also be a 550 W model as well as a 650 W unit that should be distributed to shelves throughout this month.

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  • FormatC
    This is only a modified FSP Aurum, not more. Not bad at all, but too expensive. The original is a lot cheaper.
  • mortsmi7
    That's so messy. I've been threatening myself to put a bus bar in my next pc, so I could have exact length pristine wire management. I'm talking naked connectors, not that insulated garbage.

    It would be pretty enough to run on the motherboard side. Although, I'm not sure where I'd fit a bar long enough to fit all of that.
  • tonicipriani
    That just sounds stupid. The idea of a sleeved cable is to bundle up the wires so that it improves airflow. What's the point of sleeving the individual wires?