Former id Software Worker Gives Gloomy Doom 4 Report calls itself the "world's most transparent career community," a place where companies recruit talent and a place for employees to rate their company. One such review popped up on id Software's company profile, and it's really not pretty. Especially for those who are anxiously awaiting new DOOM 4 info.

This former employee claims that he/she worked for id Software for more than three years, and claims that there is a lack of professionalism. "Expect lots of inappropriate jokes, comments and a generally unprofessional work environment. Our HR director quit recently over the many internal issues," this unnamed person writes.

Later on in the review, the former employee begins to spill the juicy DOOM 4 details, reporting that the entire tech team has quit and moved over to Oculus VR. They exited the company in February in protest to the way management was treating the employees and contractors.

"When all of the teams merged together to create the "new" Doom team 2 years ago, there was around 140+ developers to make the game," the review reads. "Now, there is only around 50. The non-stop attrition has gotten so bad, that they had to contract outside the company for the multiplayer portion of the game, and we have contractors doing a bulk of our art work."

This person claims that around every four months, management will say that the current direction is wrong for DOOM 4, and will force the team to reboot most or all of the game. So even though the team has been bashing out DOOM 4 for about two years, they have nothing to show for it save for one or two "blockout levels and numerous prototypes."

"The last two years have been generally bad for this company, and has cost id Software much in the eyes of the industry," the review reads. "If you want to turn this around, you need to make a positive change. Encourage the bright, capable developers who actually produce, and stop playing politics."

id Software cofounder John Carmack officially resigned from the studio back in November 2013 and began working full time as the CTO for Oculus VR. Former art director Kenneth Scott of 343 Industries and id Software also joined Oculus VR this week.

While this review is all full of doom and gloom (pun intended, sorry), we have to take it with a grain of salt given this person doesn't reveal his/her true identity. But if it's a legit entry, then we get a good idea as to why we really haven't seen any DOOM 4 evidence since before the project was rebooted.

So far Bethesda and id Software have yet to make a formal statement. To read the full review, head here.

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  • Terrible of me to say, but who really is waiting for DOOM 4? Its been over a decade since DOOM 3 and 2 decades since DOOM 2... There isn't anyone holding their breath for this release (cause they would have passed on a decade ago if they were... yeah, lame joke). While DOOM was a revolutionary game in a way, taking the ball from Wolfenstein and running with it; It really was more of a bridging title to the most important game in early history of that genre, Quake.

    I for one can wait for them to get it right. No need to rush it... it's been 10 years already... what's the harm in waiting another 5?
  • Doom has lost it's aura long ago, Doom 3 and the many other mediocre ID titles since their glory days already did the damage and now this report. i have even less hope than I did before and that was about 2%.
  • After getting bored with Doom 3 half way through (around the area where I got the Soul Cube) I tried to finish it a few months ago. I didn't get much farther, got bored again and quit. It's just too long, too many samey corridors, so if that's what Doom 4 had in store, I won't care if it never comes out. I would rather see Rage 2. I didn't even like that game at first, but after about 4 hours in, I was loving it and I wished there was more, especially after the ending, so maybe they'll scrap doom altogether and make Rage 2 instead. At least I'll be satisfied.