Intel Working on Display Linking Technology

As a part of Intel's "Carry Small, Live Large" initiative, Intel researchers are working on a technology that will enable multiple mobile devices to work together to create a larger display. In other words, the displayed output will span all of the devices.

While there doesn’t seem to be much information to go on at the moment (just that little snippet on Intel’s press site), we love the idea of everyone putting their iPhones or Storms together to check out a video or photos. Like Intel says, “Imagine you and 3 friends placing your mobile devices together while on the road to review the video of the day's events.” Socializing and holiday snaps aside, this could prove a really useful took for buisness folk on the go for the likes of PowerPoint and slide shows. 

Intel’s “Carry Small, Live Large” initiative is the company’s efforts to envision the mobile future. Basically, Intel sees mobile computing the same way the rest of us do. Small but powerful. We sent Intel’s PR a wee mail to ask more about the multi-display link post it had on the "Innovation@Intel" pages but we’re still waiting for a response. We’ll update this post as soon as we know more. For now, what do you guys think of the idea?

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  • sojrner
    good for some used, awful for others. Even w/ next to no bezel framing each device you still end up w/ the center of the screen (in intel's example of you and 3 friends) being a bezel-cross. This is usally where the focus is on a movie, raw film footage etc... business presentations (power point etc) have lots of odd details that can be lost behind that same bezel... think about putting your ipods together w/ those thick (proportionally) frames and try to watch anything. lol.

    ...I'm not sold on it yet.
  • hobbitcy
    your comment is correct if they are smart though they will program in that the image shows up on each display not behind it
    so the bezel what block any info, no blind spots, would be a bit odd as you would have gaps but at least nothing hidden
  • sojrner
    ya, but whether gaps or hidden... I'm not sold yet that it would be any where near as useful as just showing it on a netbook or full notebook. I would still rather carry one of those to show any kind of multimedia.