The Biggest Media Center PC Ever

Everybody has some form of home entertainment system. Ranging from standard televisions with mediocre DVD players to the latest high-definition LCD or plasma displays with custom built HTPC’s. Regardless of what you might have in your home right now and what you have paid for it, I bet it doesn’t even come close to some of the offerings from Life|ware.

Life|ware specializes in digital entertainment and home automation systems. These guys really got some cool stuff. Stuff that ordinary people can actually afford and might want, to stuff that ordinary people will never see in a life-time.

Check out the small gallery here!

Enter Life|media. Last year at Cedia2007 Life|ware displayed a Quad-recording Media Center with Four CableCARDs. That unit came packed with a Xeon Quad Core CPU, 4 GB RAM and 4TB of storage. All that for just $15,000! The unit is capable of recording four HD channels simultaneously while streaming HD video to four Xbox 360’s running the media center extender at the same time. During its live demonstration it was utilizing only 57% of its total processing power.

If you had a hard enough time wrapping your head around that, take a look at what Life|ware brought to Cedia2008!

The LMS-810. This time around Life|ware crammed a eight CableCARD tuners into a dual Quad Core system with 12 TB of RAID 5 storage. This baby is capable of recording all eight HD video streams at the same time it is outputting ten HD streams without breaking a sweat. One could only imagine the cost of something like this. There was no mention of price this time around however, but pricing could be similar to that of a decent new vehicle.

The average person will never need something like this, but it is a very cool and raw display of power. Now to decide, do I buy a crazy system like this and walk to work every day for the next year? Or should I just go buy a new car?

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  • eklipz330
  • eklipz330
    "Stuff that ordinary people can actually afford and might want, to stuff that ordinary people will never see in a life-time."

    15grand is by no means affordable... i used to have some good respect for this site, now its nothing more than a blog.
  • grieve
    15k is affordable, its not 150k. Is it money well spent? HELL NO!

    Really 15k to record four programs at once… LOL how sad! I could build 2 PCs to do the same job for about 2000-3000 bucks. (I bet 1 PC can do this)

    If you’re an idiot and have 15k to burn… what the hell go snag one of these… perhaps two? ALSO when you get back from the store, ive got a bridge to sell you!