CES 2006: Maxtor announces OneTouch external hard drive series up to 1 Tb

Las Vegas (NV) - In what sadly may be the final year of its corporate existence, Maxtor today announced an addition to its external hard drive product line. The new OneTouch III family ships with either one hard drive, sized from 100 to 500 Gb, or two 7200 rpm drives with 300 or 500 Gb storage space for a maximum capacity of 1000 Gb. Users will be able to run the dual-hard drive device in RAID 0 or 1 configuration.

Standard equipment includes a "triple" interface with Firewire 400, 800 and USB 2.0 connectors, as well as a software package that enables users to synchronize data between two or more computers and "rollback" a PC system to a previous state. Pricing ranges from $160 for the 100 Gb version to $480 for the single-drive 500 Gb device. The dual-drive 1 Tb "Turbo Edition" retails for about $900.

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