Student Brings Typewriter to Lecture, Has to Leave

Back in my day, we just took a pen and notepad to class for taking down notes or doodling. These days, it's about notebooks (and that'd be of the laptop variety). Nearly everyone can type faster than they can write by hand, so naturally using a computer is a better class-aid.

But what happens if you don't have access to a laptop for a day, but still prefer the old QWERTY experience? You bring a typewriter, of course.

That's exactly what some young student did, much to the amusement of his peers. We can't exactly make out what the professor giving the lecture says to the student, but we're fairly certain that he asks him to "mute" the sound of his typewriter (mistaking it for a noisy laptop). Ding!

Student Brings Typewriter to Lecture

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  • Stone Cold
    EPIC WIN!!!
  • megamanx00
    But it's a crash proof word processor :D.

    Really though he wasn't even typing that fast so it may have just been better for him to write it down by hand.
  • bhaberle
    lol a kid in my class did this last year... the teacher almost peed himself in excitement though.
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  • Stone Cold
    EPIC WIN!!!
  • cryogenic
    Pff, the schools these days ... surfing for porn while the teacher is in front of you babbling for 1 hour, priceless. At least the boredom problem is solved ...
  • Regulas