Tesoro's Gandiva H1L Gaming Mouse Has 128 Kb of Memory

Tesoro has let a new rodent out of its cage – the Gandiva H1L. This mouse features an Avago sensor which is capable of picking up as many as 8200 DPI, and features a total of eight different programmable buttons. The mouse's 128 Kb of onboard memory can store up to 40 macros.

The DPI setting can be adjusted through five settings: 800, 1800, 4000, 6400, and 8200. The default setting is 1800 DPI. The mouse has a polling rate of 1000 Hz, and comes with four adjustable weights (3x 10 gram and a single 5 gram pellet).

Tesoro's Gandiva H1L has LED lighting, the color of which can be adjusted through the included software.

The mouse is set to be available soon with an MSRP of €59.

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  • Morbus
    I doesn't seem a good alternative to the G500 from Logitech.
  • biohazrdfear
    I like the way it looks. Really nice, and I love where they applied the glow effect. However, I'd have to put my hand on it to really judge it. I have the Saitek R.A.T 5 mouse, and I've been happy with it for years.
  • ubercake
    I like the design. I like that the right mouse button is its own piece of plastic.

    I wouldn't buy a mouse that has set DPI levels like this though. I need more granularity than the provided 800, 1800, 4000, 6400, and 8200. I often run around the 400 or 450 mark when playing shooters for the sake of precision.