Windows 7 Could Shine Vista's Tarnished Image

With Windows 7 in the can and soon to be released to the world, Microsoft must be relieved that it can finally wash away all the negative feedback that it had to endure because of Windows Vista.

Despite all the important and positive infrastructure changes introduced with Windows Vista, users found the OS to be bulky, slow and not worth upgrading from Windows XP.

Windows 7 aims to fix all the wrongs of Vista and to start with a fresh, positive image of Microsoft's operating system. So far, all the early impressions from users of the beta and RC versions of Windows 7 have been positive. Interestingly enough, Microsoft believes that all the warm, fuzzy feelings surrounding Windows 7 will actually boost the image and reputation of Windows Vista.

"I think people will look back on Vista after the Windows 7 release and realize that there were actually a bunch of good things there [in Windows Vista]," said Steve Guggenheimer, vice president of the OEM division at Microsoft, in a ChannelWeb story. "So it'll actually be interesting to see in two years what the perception is of Vista."

Windows 7 is built off from the same code foundation as Windows Vista, leading some to call the upcoming OS as just a "second edition." But many of the changes and improvement in Windows 7 are crucial to a better user experience, which is in the end what determines popular opinion.

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  • FlayerSlayer
    3.1 good, 95 mediocre, 98 great, ME lousy, XP great, Vista mediocre, 7 great again? It had better be good and be worth keeping for another 8 years like XP was, because the next one will blow again.
  • bigpappaj
    Most the people who say Vista sucked... never used it on the hardware it was designed to be run on. Its 2009 and people trying to run Vista with 512MB of RAM on a Pentium pro need to upgrade. Vista was a huge step forward from XP and on appropriate hardware ran great.
  • hunter315
    I can see windows 7 improving microsoft's image, but vista just consumes to many resources, and with window 7's xp mode there wont be any compatibility issues but one good OS cant make up for one that lacking in performance. Hopefully MS will restrict the amount of junk oems can add to 7 to keep it from performing like vista.
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  • ColMirage
    Well, one thing is for sure, they didn't base that off the ME and XP relationship...
  • jhansonxi
  • computabug
    Fourth! Vista stinks and forever will stink. Never coming back to full time Windows again... Compiz and Kubuntu won me over after I realized how bad Windows was.