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Last Week's Hot News: Nov. Week 2

Last Week's Hot News: Nov. Week 2

This week Tom’s Hardware launched its world-wide Overdrive overclocking competition right here in the States. Four teams flew in from all over the country—some even outside—to compete in what turned out to be quite a battle using liquid nitrogen.

The prize? An all-inclusive trip to Paris where the winning team from the U.S. will be competing with teams from several other countries for $5,000.

IRONMODS took the top spot in last week’s preliminaries and is represented by:

John J. Crimmins
Jeremiah L. Allen
Vachira Kwodee

The three gentlemen will be practicing and gearing up for the final competition in Paris, where they will be representing the United States.

Check out the details from the competition here.

Check out Chris Angelini’s interview with the victorious team here.

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    snarfies1 , November 17, 2008 1:25 PM
    "EA recently vowed to repair its image and produce better games." Notice they did not vow to stop using SecuROM, or to stop limiting installs. And until they do, I'll keep hammering all their PC games with 1 star on Amazon, and keep not buying.
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    a 6pack in , November 17, 2008 7:21 PM
    ^^^ LOL thats hilarious, but in seriously i completely agree.