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Crucial And OCZ

DDR3 On A Budget: Six 6 GB Memory Kits

Crucial DDR3-1333 CAS 9

Crucial packs its CT3KIT25664BA1339 DDR3-1333 triple-channel kit in three individual boxes, with a sleeve to keep them together. Each box contains a single CT25664BA1339 module, and future Core i5 users will be pleased to note a dual-channel package of the same modules is already available as part number CT2KIT25664BA1339.

Rated at DDR3-1333 CAS 9, Crucial’s most impressive specification is its industry-standard 1.50 V operating voltage. Though CPU-Z’s chart isn’t wide enough to contain all of these module’s SPD values, our motherboard automatically set these to CAS 9-9-9-24.

More impressive than specifications is the CT3KIT25664BA1339 6 GB kit’s $98 Web price.

OCZ Intel Extreme Series DDR3-1333 CAS 7

We asked every company to send the one product it believed would be best-able to win today’s value comparison, and OCZ decided to let us chose by sending its four lowest-priced premium memory products. With a Web price of only $80 at test (and press) time, its part number OCZ3X1333LV6GK Intel i7 Triple Channel PC3-10666 (DDR3-1333) looked like a sure bet for value leadership.

Rated at both CAS 8 and CAS 7 DDR3-1333 timings, our motherboard reported XMP values of 8-9-9-21 and 7-8-8-21, rather than the stated 8-8-8-20 and 7-7-7-20 values assigned by the manufacturer. This is an issue we've seen with several XMP-capable motherboards, and that’s one reason why we usually recommend configuring overclock-rated memory manually.

The only store to sell part number OCZ3X1333LV6GK for $80, ZipZoomFly no longer has these in stock. Because we’re not certain what the price will be when these are finally restocked, we used the next-lowest Web price of $100 in our value analysis.

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