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Nvidia Quadro FX 570

Pro Graphics: Seven Cards Compared

For the penny-pinching customer, Nvidia has the Quadro FX 570. It’s only $200, so it’s relatively cheap for its intended purpose. The graphics card has been designed for the occasional construction and design tasks, rather than more demanding workstation users.

Just like the smaller FX 370, the FX 570 comes with 256 MB of graphics memory, and its memory interface is twice as wide. With the 128-bit interface, the card has a bandwidth of 12.8 GB/s. It can handle simple shading tasks, but it’s easily pushed to its limits. If complexity is an issue, it’s better to spend a little more money for a beefier model. Nvidia uses the well-known G84 chip on the FX 570, but because of the slow memory it cannot show its full potential.

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