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Speed When Surfing

Atom Benchmarked: 4W Of Performance

To test the speed when surfing the Internet, we loaded our CPU charts website and timed how long it took for the page to be fully loaded and displayed. The results depended on the operating system and browser used.

The Atom 220 was fastest under Windows XP with Firefox 3: with this combination it only required nine seconds to open the page. However, if other browser windows have already been opened, or other tools are running in the background, times slow down considerably.

We do not recommend using Vista — the Atom 230 is generally too slow for this operating system. It takes up to a minute for the processor to react after loading the desktop interface when starting Vista, and the unit operates constantly at less than 100% load. You often do not notice that a website has not been loaded fully, which means that the navigation on the website initially does not work. If a number of clicks are performed during the loading process, the CPU does not react for quite some time while it sorts out the tasks, and the load time can easily quadruple. You need to get a feeling for the slower system in order to be able to enjoy using it.

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