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BIOS And Overclocking

Atom Benchmarked: 4W Of Performance

BIOS and Settings

It is possible to deactivate processor features like Hyper-Threading and other onboard components through the BIOS.


The ECS 945GCT-D lets you to manually set the front side bus (FSB) speed in the BIOS. As it is not possible to increase the voltage of the CPU, the memory, or the chipset, it is difficult to achieve a high clock rate with the embedded board.

The default FSB setting is 133 MHz ; we were able to start the Atom board at 144 MHz, but the southbridge stopped working at this speed. We were only able to achieve a 2 MHz higher FSB clock rate with our board without experiencing problems.

The board is fitted with a 9LPRS437AFLF clock chip from ICS.

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