Q&A With Magicka Developer, Arrowhead Game Studios

Vietnam DLC And The Near Future

Ed.: This story was written prior to Arrowhead's Vietnam DLC release, which is now available. Magicka: Vietnam hit digital distribution vendors on April 12 for $4.99.

As previously mentioned, Arrowhead is gearing up to release a DLC pack set in Vietnam. It was first announced at GDC 2011 back in March, revealing that the four mages will be traversing through the country's war-torn jungles trying "to do what so many '80s action stars have done in the past: blow stuff up." This is a long way from the Norse-themed fantasy world. What was the inspiration behind the upcoming Vietnam expansion pack? Why take gamers into Vietnam after previously leading them through the fantasy setting? This I had to know.

"At first it was just blurted out by someone at the office, and the more we thought about it, the more it seemed awesome," Lasota explained. "We started discussing it back and forth and decided to go with it, and Magicka Vietnam was born."

What other settings are planned for Magicka in the future? New York City? Outer space? Will the mages save Santa Claus from devious goblins trying to take over the North Pole this Christmas? "I can't give much away at the moment," Lasota said, probably grinning from ear to ear. "Let’s just say that we will try to keep you on your toes."

So what's next for Arrowhead after Magicka? I couldn't get anything out of either Lasota or Stenmark other than the studio's DLC plan and patching. "Other than that, well, time will tell," Lasota offered.

Although the title strikes a sensitive nerve, the DLC features Vietnam-based maps, weapons, and vehicles. But the antagonists will consist of Goblin-Cong and other fictional adversaries. The mission at hand is to liberate prisoners from a POW camp and then make way through a jungle towards the evacuation helicopter. In addition to that scenario, the DLC also contains a new survival challenge map with increased difficulty in direct response to requests from the community.