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Z68 Extreme4 UEFI

Z68 Express Roundup: Three Motherboards Do Battle Around $200

ASRock’s now-familiar UEFI changes little for the Z68 generation. Changes that do occur are largely related to its onboard GPU overclocking capability. Performance fanatics will likely use integrated graphics exclusively for video transcoding and instead focus their overclocking efforts on the CPU core, though.

ASRock’s “Turbo 50” allows the instantaneous 50% overclock of certain processors, particularly low-end models that drop into other interfaces. Hardware limitations prevent LGA 1155-based platforms from pushing the BCLK very far, and higher-priced unlocked models come with higher stock frequencies that are far closer to the CPU’s safe-and-sane limits.

The Z68 Extreme4’s top OC Tweaker menu also contains the most often-used frequency and voltage controls.

All of the motherboards in this comparison provide XMP support. Users who would like to tune for even more memory performance will find that the Z68 Extreme4 has a few secondary timings in addition to the main four.

Less-motivated overclockers can simply select from one of ASRock’s five overclocking profiles, which come in 200 MHz increments above the processor’s rated maximum Turbo Boost ratio.

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