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Beyond IE10 And Multi-Monitor Browsing

Samsung's ATIV Smart PC 500T: An Atom-Based Windows 8 Tablet

The previous page's performance numbers didn't surprise us. We knew that the freedom to run whatever we want on a Windows 8-based tablet would be weighted down by anemic hardware. Still, the ATIV Smart PC 500T should be expected to handle more common tasks with grace. How does it do browsing around on the Web? How about hooked up to an external monitor?

In our Microsoft Surface review, we had little trouble bogging Nvidia's Tegra 3 down with tabbed browsing under IE10. The same workload is just as hard on Intel's Atom Z2760. Flash- and JavaScript-heavy sites bog the SoC down noticeably, animations stutter, and you'll see screen-tearing on YouTube as you scroll down the page.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T: Chrome Multitabbing Experience

Fortunately, Windows 8 isn't married to IE like Windows RT. As it turns out, getting Chrome onto the Smart PC 500T is a big improvement. The experience isn't a completely smooth one, but it's at least quite a bit better. Animations and videos don't stutter as severely. Switching around between tabs is much more responsive.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T: Multi-Monitor Experience

Using multiple monitors is a good way to help improve productivity, and Samsung's tablet offers a micro-HDMI output to accommodate an external screen. With another display attached, performance during basic tasks ranges from acceptable to marginal. Typing in Word while playing back a YouTube video in the background is usually OK, though frames tend to get skipped during motion-heavy sequences. In contrast, the Surface has a harder time keeping up, and playback suffers as a result.

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