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WebGL Performance Benchmarks

Web Browser Grand Prix 9: Chrome 17, Firefox 10, And Ubuntu

Chrome's WebGL functionality is disabled in the Linux version, so only Firefox represents that operating environment in our WebGL testing.

WebGL FishIE Tank

In Windows 7, Chrome places first in Mozilla's WebGL version of Microsoft's FishIE Tank benchmark. Firefox takes a respectable second place finish, just two frames per second behind Chrome. In contrast, Firefox 10 only achieves 12 FPS in Ubuntu.

WebGL Solar System

Chrome again takes the lead over Firefox by two frames per second in Windows 7, but both scores fall below the 30 FPS mark. Firefox for Linux only manages to display five frames per second.

WebGL Composite

When the FPS results of both WebGL tests are averaged together, Chrome leads with 35.1 FPS, while Firefox displays 32.8 in Windows and only 8.5 in Ubuntu. Chrome is the overall winner here, if only by a small margin.

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