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Web Browser Grand Prix 9: Chrome 17, Firefox 10, And Ubuntu

Hardware Acceleration Performance Benchmarks

Microsoft Psychedelic Browsing

Firefox makes a leap back to the top of Microsoft's Psychedelic Browsing benchmark, scoring over 7500 points. IE9 is right behind with a score just under 7500. Google Chrome finishes far behind, followed by Opera and Safari.

All of the Linux-based browsers do horribly in this test. Chrome, the only browser to achieve triple digits under Ubuntu, wins. Firefox takes second place and Opera falls to last place.

Mozilla Hardware Acceleration Stress Test

As usual, Firefox and IE9 tie for first place in Windows 7, both with scores of 60+ FPS. Second place is a close battle as well, with Chrome managing 19 FPS to Opera's 18. Apple Safari only manages to push 12 frames per second, earning a last-place finish.

Chrome takes the lead in Linux, followed by Opera. Firefox brings up the rear with a score of just 11 FPS.

Obviously, only Firefox and IE9 can be called Windows 7 winners. The rest of the Windows 7-based browsers and all of the Linux browsers show fairly poorly in HTML5 hardware acceleration.