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Average Performance Differences

$500 Gaming PC: Day 2, Testing & Analysis

With so many benchmarks to consider, it could be more useful to narrow down our scores to per-application averages! We’ll go on to further narrow the comparison to “application type” before considering the value of each configuration.

Sorting our game average performance chart by “overall” performance leaves the bars in complete disarray, since some games benefited from greater graphics power while others preferred higher CPU speed. The overclocked System Builder Marathon leads overall, but not by much.

The overclocked $500 “Gaming” PC takes a huge lead in the majority of applications, making it more of a balanced performance system than a “game only” machine.

Synthetics often prefer a quad-core processor, so the overclocked System Builder Marathon machine leads overall.

Now we can average out performance differences by “benchmark type” to see if the $500 Gaming Machine is really more game-oriented than the System Builder Marathon’s “Low-Cost” configuration.

Though the SBM “Low-Cost” machine was designed for a balance of applications and games, it takes the gaming lead and loses the applications crown to the $500 gamer. The performance difference in games is still far smaller than the price difference, so lets see how these stack up in value.

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