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System Review: Digital Storm's Gaming Dominator

The real point of today’s review was to test the adequacy of Digital Storm’s Gaming Dominator for high-end gaming, and it did well in most tests. Comparing an “extreme performance” configuration to a more widely-accepted “high-end” build is never fair to the more expensive system, but at least it showed that the Gaming Dominator is indeed adequate. And with all due respect to Maingear, we also had good things to say about its Ephex in the conclusion of our review of that platform, which was upgraded after our story went live to indicate a three-year standard warranty at no extra cost.

Now that the Gaming Dominator has proven its gaming competence, we need only consider its value. Including shipping, Digital Storm’s build cost around $300 more than its parts would cost without shipping. Digital Storm claims its shipping voucher is worth $100, and even if it cost a home builder only $50 to ship all the separate components the cost of Digital Storm’s service drops to $250, at most.

Who else do you know who would be willing to build a system, overclock it, handle warranty replacements for any failed component for three years, and provide lifetime technical support, every day (potentially), for $250? How long would the commitment from your geeky friend or neighbor last if you regularly hammered them with questions in the middle of their workday?

With Digital Storm’s instant rebates on pre-selected configurations, buyers get the craftsmanship of a hand-built PC with the level of support expected from a high-end shop, at a price we feel is completely reasonable.

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