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Benchmark Results: Battery Life/Performance

Quick Look At Asus' CULV Notebooks: The "Premium Netbooks"

PCMark reiterates what we saw in our earlier Brazos coverage. The UL20A's Core 2 Duo SU7300 has quite a bit of CPU horsepower, and generally leads the pack. Keep in mind that a minor factor in play here is Nile platform's (1215T) single-channel memory configuration.

The 5400 RPM ST9250315AS on the 1215T seems to offer lower write/read speeds compared to the 5400 RPM WD and Hitachi hard drives on the 1215N and UL20A.

We let Nvidia's 206.99 driver (on the 1215N) auto-select the GPU to use for PCMark Vantage, and this shows up as a weakness in the Memories Suite. The default GPU used is Intel's GMA 3150, which accounts for the low score. When we manually select Nvidia's Ion 2 GPU within the driver panel, the score jumps to 1552. This just shows that Auto-Select isn't necessarily as smart a process as Nvidia might have us believe. We will note, though that this performance aberration only occurred in PCMark Vantage. It didn't happen in any of the games we used to benchmark, suggesting Optimus app-detects to makes its choice.

We upgraded our test network to 802.11n, so the transfer rates no longer hover around 20 minutes. In fact, transfer rates were fairly consistent across the board. The only noteworthy mention is the Intel 1000 BGN card on Asus' UL20A, which seems to take advantage of exceptionally good reception and a more aggressive power profile when in AC mode.

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