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Power And Temperature

System Builder Marathon, Q2 2014: Our Enthusiast PC

Both of the platforms tested for this article employ an 84 W host processor and graphics cards with 250 W board power ratings. I would have been surprised if there was a more significant difference in their consumption under load.

There isn't, though. For the most part, both machines look pretty similar. More intriguing is that last quarter's combination of parts registered higher idle power use. 

Our thermal readings are comparable, too. At least as far as the host processors are concerned, this isn't a surprise since I had Cooler Master Hyper 212 heat sinks sitting on them both.

The GPU temperatures (black is idle; green is load) also appear somewhat similar. Perhaps the biggest deviation is that the GeForce in last quarter's machine idled measurably cooler. In fact, the tuned version reflects the best-looking temperature. Remember, though, that we had to manually increase the GeForce card's fan speed to overclock.

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