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DVD-R Single-Layer Read Performance

Three External USB And eSATA Blu-ray Burners Tested

All of today’s drives are rated at 16x DVD read speeds, which is defined by rotational speed limits required to prevent disc breakage. All of the drives also reached that same limit in writes, so we don’t expect to see a big advantage in reads.

The BS-12D1S-U pushes the full rotational speed allowed by industry standards to reach 16x by the end of its disc, averaging 11.96x.

LG spins its spindle slightly faster to reach an unsanctioned 16.51x maximum, raising the drive’s average DVD read to 12.35x.

Plextor falls between Asus and LG in spindle speed, averaging 12.07x. Remember that faster spindle speed increases both performance and the likelihood of disc breakage.

USB 2.0 is fast enough for any DVD activity, as shown by LG’s remarkable 12.36x average.

USB 3.0 might be Plextor’s preferred interface, but the drive inside is probably SATA-based. Both interfaces offer identical DVD performance.

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