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Three External USB And eSATA Blu-ray Burners Tested

BD-R Single-Layer Read Performance

As with the fastest DVD writers, Blu-ray drives have reached the point where many have faster write performance than they can read. Asus and Plextor both state 8x read limits for their 12x BD-R writers.

Asus’ read speed for single-layer BD-R discs appears amazingly slow after seeing its incredible write performance on the very same disc. We scanned for errors and found none.

LG’s writer makes an awesome reader, reaching 10x maximum and averaging 7.65x.

Plextor splits the difference, maxing out at 8x while averaging a 6.07x single-layer read.

This is what a high-bitrate read looks like over a low-bandwidth interface, courtesy of USB 2.0 on LG’s BD12LU30.

Already pushing the limits of its drive using USB 3.0, Plextor’s PX-LB950UE gets identical performance from eSATA.