Front Mounted Ports: Take a Joy Ride On The Fan Bus

Fan Master - SF-609 - Super Flower/TTGI

The Fan Master SF-609 from Super Flower/TTGI.

The Fan Master SF-609 from Super Flower/TTGI is a multi-function fan bus controller with interchangeable face plates that is new to the retail market. Although Super Flower/TTGI does occupy the market presence that some others in this retail space have, we have covered other Super Flower/TTGI products in THG articles covering their computer cases. The Fan Master, or SF-609 for short, is a logical extension of Super Flower/TTGI case offerings; it is logical that they should want to add these products to their product offerings. As other Super Flower/TTGI products we have reviewed have been very high quality, the SF-609 should follow the quality standards of the company.

Product Model Number SF-609
Configuration Description (Type) Multi-Function Fan Bus Controller With Temperature Monitoring
Mounting Configuration / Color 5-¼ bay - Interchangeable Front Face Plates
Number Of Fans Controllable 4
Temperature Monitoring Supported Yes - 4 Sensors
Audible Overheating Alarm Yes
Front Mounted Port Support No
Special Features Auto Memory Function, 7 Choice Back Lit Display Modes
Features & Design Score 9
Performance (Pass / Fail) Pass
Value Score Based On Retail Price 9
Sample Provided By
Suggested Retail Price $35.99 US

Once you have removed the Fan Master SF-609 from its box the most striking thing you will notice about the included accessories are that four extra colored bezels are included with the SF-609. The unit that we received was in the standard silver bezel configuration, but the bezel could be changed quickly using one of the replacement bezels and the included wrench.

The Super Flower/TTGI SF-609 with its included accessories and cables. Note the four extra replacement front panels and wrench that are included with the SF-609.
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