Front Mounted Ports: Take a Joy Ride On The Fan Bus

Multi Fan Speed Controller - ZM-MFC 1 - Zalman

The ZM-MFC-1 from Zalman.

When the Zalman ZM-MFC 1 arrived at our lab we were somewhat surprised, since Zalman is better known for its heat sink solutions than anything else. The ZM-MFC 1, however, isn't that much of a stretch in design, however, since it is a cooling device and Zalman is known for its "serious" cooling products.

The ZM-MFC 1 has a very attractive look. We were impressed with its traditional fan bus controller design and look. This is something that you will either like or dislike, depending on your personal taste and design preference. We liked the translucent front, as it allows a look inside the workings of the ZM-MFC 1.

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Product Model NumberZM-MFC 1
Configuration Description (Type)Traditional 6 Fan Controller
Mounting Configuration / Color5-¼ - Black Bezel
Number Of Fans Controllable6 - 4 variable speed and 2 on/off only
Temperature Monitoring SupportedNo
Audible Overheating AlarmNo
Front Mounted Port SupportNo
Special FeaturesColor/Intensity LED to indicate speed, supports continued use of fan monitoring via three pin connectors on motherboard
Features & Design Score9
Performance (Pass / Fail)Pass
Value Score Based On Retail Price9
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Suggested Retail Price$39.99 US