Front Mounted Ports: Take a Joy Ride On The Fan Bus

Nexus Multi-Fan Controller - NXP-205-BK/NXP-205-SL - Vantec

The Vantec Nexus NXP-205-BK and NXP-205-SL. Again, the only difference between the two is the front bezel color.

Next is the NXP-205 Series, which is a "cousin" of the NXP-201 Series. As we have explained earlier, the biggest difference between the NXP-201 and NXP-205 Series is simply the mounting.

Product Model Number NXP-205-BK / NXP-205-SL
Configuration Description (Type) Traditional 4 Fan Controller
Mounting Configuration / Color 3 ½ - Available With Back Or Silver Bezel
Number Of Fans Controllable 4
Temperature Monitoring Supported No
Audible Overheating Alarm No
Front Mounted Port Support No
Special Features Back lit fan controller knobs
Features & Design Score 8
Performance (Pass / Fail) Pass
Value Score Based On Retail Price 9
Sample Provided By
Suggested Retail Price $24.95 US

As with the NXP-201 series, Vantec elected to ship us both the black and silver versions of the NXP-205. For our testing, we used the NXP-205-SL in the silver finish. We compared both units and again found them to be the same except for the bezel.

The NXP-205-SL is the unit we tested in this review. The NXP-205-SL can be seen in this photo on the left. These products don't ship with anything beyond the cables and the screws, but that is all you need to get them working.
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