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Musketeer - LLC-U01 - Coolermaster

The Coolermaster Musketeer LLC-U01.

It seems that trends in the electronics world circle around and around. A good example is the trend of analog VU meters; these analog style VU meters are starting to enjoy resurgence within the electronics industry. Leave it to Coolermaster, a company known for its innovation and elegant looking devices, to couple the two together to create this truly cool looking device.

The Musketeer, better known as the LLC-U01, is a multi-function fan bus controller that offers three analog VU meters. These three meters offer the ability to monitor temperature, voltage and sound pressure. In addition, you can control the speed of your CPU fan. Those users wanting more capabilities than this model offers may gravitate toward Coolermaster's Aerogate II product, as the Musketeer is targeted toward those who want to watch just a couple of important gauges, while at the same time enjoy a look that is far beyond anything else that is available. There is something to be said for watching these blue backlit VU meters when their indicator needles are moving and bouncing. This also tells you that we really are geeks who are easily amused.

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Product Model NumberLLC-U01
Configuration Description (Type)Multi-Function Fan Bus Controller With Temperature Monitoring and Triple Analog Display
Mounting Configuration / Color5-¼ Bay - Black (Available In Silver As Well)
Number Of Fans Controllable1 - Fan Connector - Two Fan Extension Cable Included which allows for more fans.
Temperature Monitoring SupportedYes - Single Sensor Design
Audible Overheating AlarmNo
Front Mounted Port SupportNo
Special FeaturesSound Pressure Monitoring, Attractive Analog Gage Design, Unique Look, Support For Motherboard Fan Monitoring
Features & Design Score9
Performance (Pass / Fail)Pass
Value Score Based On Retail Price8
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Suggested Retail Price$50 US