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Benchmark Results: Synthetics

System Builder Marathon, August 2012: $500 Gaming PC

3DMark 11’s Entry and Performance presets favor this quarter's platform, which is more balanced. At the Extreme setting, its more modest graphics subsystem turns into a liability.

Despite its less powerful CPU, June's GeForce GTX 560 Ti manages to outmaneuver today's machine at that most demanding preset.

An 80% increase in processor budget spells victory in PCMark 7, but truly impressive gains would require stepping beyond a pair of physical processing cores.

On our past two builds, we noticed slightly higher performance on the Intel's chipset's native SATA controller than the on-board Marvell SATA 6Gb/s logic. Disappointing, though, is to see the current B75-based board lagging behind in the Starting Applications test, despite our use of Western Digital's 7200 RPM Blue-series drive.

The Pentium G860 leads by a 25% margin throughout Sandra’s processor tests, while its DDR3-1333 memory controller boosts bandwidth measurements by about 22%.

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