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Palit GTX 460 Sonic Platinum Overclocking Edition

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Available as part number NE5X460HF1102, Palit’s GTX 460 Sonic Platinum Overclocking Edition is both the smallest and fastest card in today’s lineup. A custom circuit board reduces mounting length by 0.9” compared to reference design cards, easing card-to-drive clearance issues that occur in many of today’s mid-sized cases.

Moving the power connectors to the top of the card similarly improves card-to-drive clearance, though the power supply location of some compact gaming cases could interfere with installation. SLI users will be pleased to note that the mid-profile GPU cooler fits within the broadly-accepted confines of a second expansion slot.

Palit moves its second dual-link DVI connector to the card’s second expansion slot, reducing the amount of air that can flow through the adjacent vents. This axial-fan cooler pushes air from both ends however, so that the reduced airflow at the back shouldn’t be problematic. The end result is a design that allows a full-sized HDMI connection and a VGA output without the use of any adapters.

An 800 MHz GPU clock tops today’s factory-configured overclocks, while the GDDR5-4000 data rate is matched only by Asus.

Palit’s Vtune utility lacks the voltage adjustment found on today’s second-fastest competitor, yet that competitor’s adjustment range is miniscule. The GPU and RAM can be increased up to 1040 MHz and GDDR5-4800, software limits that are almost certain to exceed hardware capabilities.

Advanced settings for Palit’s Vtune are limited to fan speed.

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