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Benchmark Results: 4 KB And 512 KB Random Writes

Intel SSD 310 80 GB: Little Notebooks Get Big Storage Flexibility

Random write performance has always been a bit of a weakness for Intel, and our Iometer chart reflects the similar issues we saw in the X25-M. You might be scratching your head at the very divergent results from the two OCZ SandForce-based drives. Both drives use the SF-1200, the difference being that the Agility 2 uses SandForce's mass production firmware. The Vertex 2 drive, in comparison, uses OCZ's optimized firmware.

Writing completely random data to these drives represents a worst-case scenario for SandForce. When we rerun our benchmarks, the values widely differ from run to run, despite performing a secure erase. Intel's X25-M has shown strong performance in our previous tests, but the 310 comes up a little short here.

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