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Results: Compression Apps

Intel's 12-Core Xeon With 30 MB Of L3: The New Mac Pro's CPU?

A failure to scale meaningfully tells us little in WinRAR. It’s tempting to point to IPC and clock rate as the primary influencers on performance, except that the Sandy Bridge-E-based Core i7-3930K is in first place.

More so than WinRAR, 7-Zip appears to leverage at least eight cores, perhaps leveraging higher IPC throughput to compensate for lower frequency, and almost tying the Sandy Bridge-EP-based Xeon E5. Both server/workstation-oriented CPUs trounce the more enthusiast-centric models, though.

This chart is sorted according to the most taxing workload, triggered with the –ez command line switch. Almost inexplicably, the Xeon E5-2697 V2 finishes this test in just 35 seconds, which is unbelievably faster than the second-place Core i7-4960X. I ran and re-ran the test, and watched it complete in the same amount of time, plus or minus one second.

The OpenCL-accelerated test interestingly seems to mirror what we saw from Photoshop—that is, the quad-core CPUs with the most modern architectures fare best, while the most complex eight- and 12-core configurations perform worst. There’s definitely something to this…

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