Kill SCSI II: NetCell's RAID 0 Performance + RAID 5 Security Equals SyncRAID

NetCell 6405: The SyncRAID Architecture In Detail

64 bit data buses as far as the eye can see. The catch, however, is the drive switch with integrated XOR engine, which stores 64 bit words instead of data blocks and thus comprises two or four drives.

Normally a RAID is written with data blocks of a fixed size (64 kB). This means that parity information has to be generated for every block. The more hard drives are used, the more likely the XOR unit will be the bottleneck.

Unlike NetCell, since SyncRAID writes 32- or 64 bit words to data carriers (three- or five-channel operation). This means that parity has to be generated only once for all three or five hard drives.
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