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SilverStone SG06B

DTX Lives! Four Double-Slot Cases For ITX Gaming Machines

The smallest of today’s portable gaming contenders, the SG06 (B for black, S for silver) takes second place in weight, even with its included power supply installed. A high-quality extruded aluminum face plate adds class to an otherwise low-cost design.

One of the thinnest steel chassis we’ve tested, the SG06 appears to rely on size alone (and the closeness of its bends) to retain rigidity. At first, we believed that the lid might actually be thicker than the chassis beneath it, but closer inspection reveals that it’s likely the paint that makes this lid appear and feel more substantial than its underpinnings.

The SG06B we received was still fairly priced at $110, since it includes a $45 FSP300-60GHS power supply. SilverStone also offers this model with its own brand of 80 PLUS Bronze-rated 450 W unit.

Yet, even the small size of this SFX form-factor power supply isn’t enough to prevent it from twisting the case’s rear panel during shipping, so SilverStone adds a cross-brace under its leading edge.

A space between the SG06B’s 3.5” hard drive and optical drive bays supports 2.5” drive, perfect for adding an SSD. SilverStone appears to believe that some users will forgo the optical drive, and leaves an EMI shield over its bay.

With six clips simultaneously holding the face panel in place, accessing the filter for the SG06’s intake fan is no easy task. Yet, even the laziest builders must do this at least once to remove the case’s optical bay cover and its EMI shield.

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