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Standards Conformance Benchmarks

Web Browser Grand Prix VIII: Chrome 16, Firefox 9, And Mac OS X


Ecma test262

Version 11.60 allows Opera to shoot from the bottom to the top of the pack with a near-perfect score of 11 107 in Ecma's test262. Firefox comes in a close second place by scoring 10 944, while arch-rival Internet Explorer is more than 200 points behind in third place. Chrome falls to fourth with 10 692 points, while Safari places last at 10 334 in Windows 7 and 10 335 in Mac OS X.


Chrome takes the lead in Windows 7 with a score of 344 out of 450, plus 13 bonus points. Opera comes in second place with a score of 325 and nine bonus points. Firefox achieves 314 and nine bonus points. Safari demonstrates 252 and two bonus points for fourth place, while IE9 is in last place with a score of only 141 points and five bonus.

Although the placing order remains the same in Mac OS X, Google Chrome earns one point less than in Windows, and Safari gains 41 regular points and six bonus points under its native platform.

FutureMark Peacekeeper 2.0 HTML5 Capabilities

FutureMark's new version of Peacekeeper also has an HTML5 conformance measurement, known as HTML5 Capabilities. The maximum score is seven, and Google Chrome is the only browser from either platform to earn a perfect score, sealing its victory. Firefox attains a six out of seven to place second, while Opera manages a score of five, putting it in third place. IE9 comes in fourth place with a score of three.

Although Safari for Windows only gets a single point, Safari for OS X earns four.

Google Chrome once again tops the conformance composite with the only A (minus) grade out of the bunch. Firefox 9 lands a solid B grade, while Opera shoots up to a B-. Both IE9 and the Windows version of Apple Safari land an embarrassing failing grade, although Safari manages a C- on OS X.

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