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Benchmark Results: Audio And Video Encoding

Is That A Notebook? MALIBAL's Six-Core, Dual-GPU, Speed Demon

Apple iTunes is poorly threaded and frequency-dependent, allowing the Core i7-920XM to nearly catch the Core i7-980X. MALIBAL takes the notebook lead, while the desktop edges it out only slightly.

Removing a card from the X7200 allows HandBrake to work a little faster, possibly indicating a slight amount of CPU overhead required to support the second GPU.

CPU scaling is superb otherwise, with the MALIBAL Nine X7200 tearing away from our previously-fastest notebook. Yet, even as the X7200 appears excellent by notebook standards, putting its parts on a desktop platform results in even greater performance.

Alienware looks great by mobile CPU standards, but the X7200’s desktop processor surges ahead in TMPGEnc. It’s too bad Clevo’s motherboard doesn’t perform as well as our desktop motherboard, but this could be due to thermal considerations.

A repeat performance in MainConcept might cause some buyers to look to MALIBAL for their portable-performance needs.

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