Market Survey, Part 1: A Comparison Of The Latest Pentium 4 Motherboards

Biostar P4TAW Extreme, Continued

The tools "WarpSpeeder" and "Smart Guardian" provide critical data on the P4TAW.

This program also allows easy overclocking in Windows XP, without interruption.

The thinnest manual in our entire test field. A meager 18 pages dedicated to instructing users about the board - adequate at best for experienced users.

You can see right on the package the CPU types for which the board was developed.
Software Accessories
manuals for board
Driver & Tool CD
Norton Internet Security 2004
Norton Ghost 2003
Hardware Accessories
manuals for board (18 pages)
1x 80-pin ATA cable
1x Floppy cable
4x SATA data cable
1x SATA power cable (2 devices)
1x IO panel shield
1x RC8650 Card (Rev. 2.0)
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