Market Survey, Part 1: A Comparison Of The Latest Pentium 4 Motherboards

Epox EP-5EGA+, Continued

...but it is in fact a screwdriver with two regular and two Phillips heads, eight miniature stick-on cooling units, and a thermal diode.

The instructions show where to place the cooling units.

Insecure grip - the adhesive pads are too small and there is not enough application surface with two voltage regulators situated next to each other.

The accessories are a little below expectations for a board of this price category, although the quality of the materials of the screwdriver and round cable is good.

A neon-colored made-up designation gets buyers' attention; it does not reveal what chipset is involved.

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Software Accessories
manuals for boardDriver & Tool CDNorton Internet Security 2004Norton Ghost 2003
Hardware Accessories
manuals for board1x 80-pin ATA cable round1x Floppy cable2x SATA power cable (1 devices)4x SATA data cable (angled)1x IO panel shield8x Voltage Regulators Cooler1x slot panel with 1x Game Port and 1x Serial Port1x Screwdriver