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Case And Power

System Builder Marathon: TH's $2000 Hand-Picked Build

Case: Antec Three Hundred Illusion

Everyone loves a high-quality case, yet CPU cost put a severe bind on our budget. When faced with the choice of a low-quality chassis with price-boosting add-in features or a high-quality stripped-down model, we threw features to the wind and picked the one that offered the best ventilation and durability for the money. We're function over form guys, after all.

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For $10 more than the basic Antec Three Hundred, the Illusion adds two lighted intake fans. Given the graphics cards we have here, we wish it had been three.

Power: Seasonic SS-850HT

Following up on the value home runs from Gigabyte and Antec, our choice of power supply appears to be a stunning value. Seasonic is one of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers, and we found a model from them with two giant 40 A 12 V rails for only $120. An 80 PLUS Silver rating is icing on the cake, or perhaps a silver lining.

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Oh, and it’s not modular. Our power supply selection followed the same concept that we used for picking the case. When faced with the choice of a high-quality unit with few added features, or a lower-quality unit with many added features, we put quality over features once again.

Cable management could be a problem for some builders, but our case has adequate room to store the unused leads. The Three Hundred similarly lacks a window, which is probably a good thing when we have so many unused cables to route.

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